Exemptions, minor deviations and grandfather clause


  • The use of luminous sources emitting less than 150 lumens
  • Temporary decorative lighting for the holiday period from 15 November to 15 January
  • Lighting situations subject to other provincial or federal regulations, such as communication towers, airports, etc.
  • Temporary lighting for special activities, such as town festivals and outdoor shows
  • Temporary lighting at construction or repair sites

Minor deviations

  • Any situation where public security is at risk may constitute a minor deviation from the by-law, on condition that a study carried out by a qualified professional (architect, engineer, electrician, etc.) demonstrates that application of the regulations would compromise the safety of individuals and/or property.
  • Lighting installations promoting architectural or natural heritage (the latter must be part of a tourist or cultural route) that do not respect the regulations may be considered minor deviations. The lighting must be designed by a qualified professional who attempts to conform to the by-laws.

Grandfather clause

  • All exterior lighting components installed before the regulations came into effect are subject to a grandfather clause. However, any modification, alteration or replacement of, or addition to an existing lighting component must conform to the by-laws.
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