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What is an IDSR?

According to the IDA definition, an International Dark Sky Reserve is an extensive public or private space that enjoys a night sky of exceptional quality. Also, this dark sky must be protected for scientific, educational or cultural purposes or as a nature reserve. A Reserve comprises both a central zone where natural darkness is totally preserved and a peripheral region where public representatives, businesses and individuals recognize the importance of a dark sky and commit to long-term protection. The IDA has also defined Dark Sky Communities and Parks


Several regions around the globe have declared themselves to be “Dark Sky Reserves” in the past.  This was because there was no organization that was prepared to formulate international declarations that were based on precise criteria.  Before 2006, only the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada had developed a recognition program that was aimed at supporting communities working to reduce light pollution.  Fearing that this initial program was not sufficient to protect the starry sky around the world, however, the IDA set up a work committee to define and elaborate International Dark Sky Reserves, International Dark Sky Parks and International Dark Sky Communities.  The Mt. Megantic region thus became a model for development of the criteria that fulfill these designations.
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