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The Mt. Megantic IDSR

The Mt. Megantic International Dark Sky Reserve covers an area of almost 5,500 km2. It is centered on the Observatory within the provincial park and has a radius of 50 km. The Reserve also includes the City of Sherbrooke, 60 km away. These zones were based on calculations that identified the various sources of light pollution at the summit of Mt. Megantic.

A sign has been placed at the foot of the mountain, soon to be followed by others in the region, to inform tourists that they are passing through an International Dark Sky Reserve.

The ceremony was held in September 2007, at a symposium that brought  together about 100 participants from France, the United States  and Canada.

Front row (left to right): Pierre Goulet, Director of the  Mt. Megantic provincial park, Chloé Legris, Engineer and Project Manager for  the Mt. Megantic ASTROLab, Robert Lamontagne, Executive Director of the Mt.  Megantic Observatory, Jean Perrault, Mayor of Sherbrooke.

Second row: René Doyon, Director of the Mt. Megantic  Observatory, Colette Roy-Laroche, Mayor of Lac Megantic, Ginette Dupuis, Deputy  Prefect of the Granit MRC and Mayor of Nantes.

Back row: Christian K. Monrad, Vice-President of the IDA,  Bernard Malenfant, Founding President of the Mt. Megantic ASTROLab, Jean-Louis  Gobeil, Mayor of Notre Dame des Bois.
Many journalists came to witness the event that was reported as national news on the major radio and television stations.
Group photo of symposium participants.
Astrolab du Mont-Mégantic