Our Star Attraction
Why do we over-illuminate?

Men and women today are often active and work at night and so it has become necessary to illuminate cities. The relatively low cost of energy has never really favoured the definition and establishment of good lighting practices. As a result, we are witnessing an ever-increasing wave in nocturnal illumination that far exceeds our simple needs of seeing and being seen.

We have to pause and reflect on the reasons why there is now almost no difference in lighting levels between night and day. And we have to conclude that the over-use of lighting must can not be based on the belief that it fulfills the need for security, commercial promotion or else highlighting of architectural and natural heritage.

Today there exists a vast choice in luminaires. Some only contribute to the ever-increasing illumination while others have been designed to minimize energy consumption. To fully benefit from the newest technologies and simultaneously reduce light pollution and wasted energy, we need to radically change our everyday habits. It is quite possible to promote businesses and our heritage by installing appropriate luminaires that use discrete lighting!

It's time to tame the night more discretely so that we can feel safe without unnecessary over-illumination. Let's mend our ways to use efficient lighting components that will economize light, energy and money!