Our Star Attraction

The ASTROLab has established a solid base for protection of the starry sky through the light pollution abatement project. Results to date are undeniable. The region of Mt. Megantic has really begun to rediscover the stars!

The ASTROLab hopes to reach a wider audience so that people will continue to protect the night sky in the future. In order to enhance a feeling of regional belonging and pride, the ASTROLab, the Observatory and the Mt. Megantic national park formally asked the IDA that the region of Mt. Megantic be recognized as an International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR), due to its special characteristics. The application was accompanied by letters of support from municipal representatives of all the communities on the future territory of the IDSR in August 2007. On September 21, 2007, the region of Mt. Megantic was officially designated the first International Dark Sky Reserve in the world!

Consult the official application to IDA with a simple click here.


Astrolab du Mont-Mégantic