Our Star Attraction
Astronomy Evening at the ASTROLab
The Astronomy Night at the ASTROLab (at the base of the mountain) begins in the Multimedia Room with the following special presentations (in French):
  • Space Elevator : In order to plunge into the stars from the start of this activity, you will take a voyage from Earth to the borders of the observable Universe. You will fly over Mount Megantic, glide over our planet, realize the vastness of the solar system, admire our galaxy and reach the ultimate scale of the Universe. You're sure to experience a sensation of infinity
  • From the Earth to the Moon : the Prodigious Journey

    Few human adventures pass through the centuries. That of the astronauts of the Apollo missions will cross the millennia. This is the story of the first humans to embark on another world. 50 years later, relive this prodigious journey that has changed our vision of the Moon... and ourselves.
  • Introduction to the Star Identifier and The Sky Tonight
The evening activity continues with observation from the outdoor telescopes, giant binoculars or the Velan Observatory (35 cm). Stars, planets, galaxies and more splendors will be seen from one of the most beautiful skys of Quebec. If the sky is cloudy, the activity continues inside with the following presentations:
  • Astronomy News
  • Interactive Cosmos
  • Night Hike (if complete)
  • The Universe in 3D
No matter the weather, your eyes will be filled with stars! See our Visit Us section for the schedule. The Evening is conducted in French. Reservations required for all astronomy evenings.
For Perséids and Astronomy Festival, visit their section from the Activity menu.