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2018 - Observatory's 40th anniversary
This summer, let's celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mont-Megantic Observatory !
Some activities are scheduled to underline this anniversary.


Astronomy Festival 2018

This summer, the Observatory will be open to public on July 5-6-7, 12-13-14 and 19-20-21.
To extend the pleasure, we add a 3rd weekend, at the beginning of the Construction holydays !

See the Festival information in our Activities section.

40% off for people born in 1978

People who were born in 1978 are invited to celebrate their 40th anniversary with us!

They will benefit from a 40 % discount on the day tour of the ASTROLab and the Observatory.

See schedule and rates of this activity on our website.
Not required reservations.
On presentation of an id indicating the year of birth.

Daily guided tour of the Observatory : Extra hour !

Every summer, the Observatory is opened to the public in the afternoons.
Guided tours take place at 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm and certain days 5:30 pm.

To underline its 40th anniversary, the visitors will have access to a guided visit at 11 am, between July 21st and August 19th, every Saturday.

Beautiful opportunity to couple your visit with a short hike on the afternoon in our trails!

See details on this activity and the rates in our website sections.

Concert under the stars

Stay tuned for the annoucement of a concert conducted by Songe d'été en musique Festival.
August 1st, 2018.

Regional Solar System

Stay tuned for the deployment of a huge solar system in scale, on the Summit Drive.
July, 2018.

Travel back in time ! Here is a (French) report from Radio-Canada about the opening of the Observatory in 1978.
Astrolab du Mont-Mégantic